Coffee, coffee, coffee


This morning we put away the coffeemaker. It has been decided after a week of non use that it takes up too much counter space.

This, however, has not diminished our consumption. Nor are we buying brewed coffee from Dungeons-n-Donuts or Scarbucks. We have been engaging in the venerable arts of the french-press and the hand pour! This has yielded tastier, smoother, and more complex java. All the while turning a shared cup of coffee into more than a bid for energy: it has been an intimate experience and a study of relaxation.

If this all sounds pretentious and cheesy… I find myself feeling those very things as I write this up! That accounted for, this is just one of many small but meaningful changes we’ve taken to start off our year. God has been blessing our efforts so far and we look forward to how He will use us and these changes to bring Him glory!


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